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CHITRA SHANKAR- an exponent of Odissi and Bharatanatyam

Chitra Shankar is an unparalleled representative of the ancient but ever new art dance traditions of India. She has been on stage since 1978. Her role as a performer, choreographer and teacher combine admirably with her textile designer background further enriching the beauty and the creativity emboldened by art and bound by tradition. She founded Chitrakala in 1995, as the umbrella organization for the promotion of Indian Art forms including: the performing arts- dance and music, the contemporary arts through textile design and manufacture with traditional Indian base, and the traditional arts -painting, sculpture and forms. Today, Chitrakala has operations in India as well as in Singapore.

A leading exponent of Odissi, the ancient and traditional dance style of Orissa and rooted with a background of intensive training in Bharatanatyam and Indian music, Chitra has created and presented original choreographic works based on Indian mythology as well as contemporary issues.

According to Chitra, "Dance embodies art. It embraces the qualities, traditions and nuances from a wide variety of art forms... melody from music, the rhythm of the heart, the passion of life, the symbolism from sculpted and sketched postures, the poetry of romance and the prose of everyday living."

"Art must continue to represent the current milieu of life, it must represent society in its current manifestations to continue to draw audiences and appreciation while contributing to social growth, peace and development." says Chitra.

On her future plans, Chitra proposes to develop her school for performing arts in Singapore in the immediate future and continue her exploration into the wonderful world of dance, music and adapt them to bring in greater peace, satisfaction and quality to life.


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